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Fla Flash
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Default Formats, Good News, Bad News and no clues

Okay...need to vent. There's an old saying, "It's hard to soar with eagles when you work with turkeys". Never knew how true that was until now. I made a New Years resolution to be nice to people that weren't intelligent. (My worst habit- aside from smoking and drinking). Broke it two weeks later. Been breaking it a whole bunch since. I need a deep breath to calm myself. I've been put in charge of production now, which is basically the equivalent of being a Day Care Center employee. The two people back their are constantly backbiting, bitching, whining, and more or less complaining about everything. This one employee, he's about 6' 4", keeps whining about the paper. (Another responsibility, ordering paper). He was havin' a bunch of trouble running it through the press yesterday and went on and on bitching about it. I was about to inform him as to the whereabouts of the door, when he went ballistic. Started throwing the stuff all over. I had to run into the restroom to keep from laughing.
You see, two years ago, he was pretty liquored up (I'm assuming, here), he threatened to cut his girlfriend up with a knife. Well he got off by pleading no contest, but one of his obligations was to take Anger Management Courses. Guess they worked.
Having made my day, I go home feed the cats, and start back to work on my home computer. I lost everything I had on the hard drive. Most of it (except the FF1 hack I was working on) is backed up on CD. It's taken me three weeks to track down the manufacturer of the damned generic motherboard I bought used. The up side of it is can use an AMD K6-500 chip, after I flash the bios. Well I feel better now.
I made a bare dos boot disk this morning ( I had to write zeros to the HDD last night) and threw the flashing prog and the bios update. I'll try it tonight when I get home.
But Sunday was the best. By accident, a friend gave me the best birthday present ever.
I was sitting around Sunday morning, about 11 AM, when a neighbor, who had given me one of his female kittens about two months ago, came over with a 12 pack of Heineken. I'd just finished my second pot of coffee, and hell, it was my birthday, so I indulged. We're sitting there, shooting the breeze, when he tells me Silver, the silver tabby he gave me, had a tumor growing on her ass. I picked the kitten up. And started laughing my butt off. "Gabe," I said, trying to be serious, "it's not a tumor. They're called testicles.". Seems I took his word for it, but never bothered looking myself. The best part is he's the only male left in the neighborhood, and he's Spaz's last direct descendant. I guess these things have a way of working out, after all. *sigh* Time to go to work. I do feel much better.

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Default Re: Formats, Good News, Bad News and no clues

Sorry about your day-care responsibilities (maybe it would help if you instituted a mandatory daily naptime? Or do they do that on their own already...), but that "tumor" bit was hilarious.

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