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Default FB Alpha

A new version of this multi-arcade emulator for Windows is available. This is what's new:
  • Added a driver for games on Galaxian hardware, 177 new sets [Barry]
  • Added support for insane sample Galaxian sound sample hardware and the various AY8910 interfaces in the Galaxian driver [Barry]
  • Moved PPI8255 module to the burn folder so it can be accessed by all drivers [Barry]
  • Added support for a third PPI8255 [Barry]
  • Added driver for Aquarium [iq_132]
  • Added driver for Dark Seal [iq_132]
  • Added driver for games on Deniam hardware [iq_132]
  • Added driver for games on Midas hardware [iq_132]
  • Changed the left and right sound channels in the CPS-3 driver [Barry]
  • Fixed the speed-up hacks for Jojo's Venture [Barry]
  • Improved analog controls in the Sega drivers when used with analog devices [Captain CPS-X]
  • Added some clones to the Toaplan2 driver [Barry]
  • Added some new Phoenix sets to the CPS-2 driver (provided by bonky0013) [Barry]
  • Some renames of roms in Neo-Geo decrypted sets as reported by pmc2 [Barry]
  • Fixed the aspect ratio in the Arkanoid driver [Captain CPS-X]
  • Added support to the Game Information dialog for Select, Versus, How To, Scores, Bosses and Game over previews [Barry]
  • Added configurable path support for the above new previews [Barry]
  • Fixed issue with selection dialog when clicking filters too fast [Captain CPS-X]
  • Added buttons to the selection dialog for tasks in the context-sensitive menu [Captain CPS-X]
  • Moved the options in the selection dialog to their own tab [Captain CPS-X]
  • Tidied the selection dialog [Captain CPS-X]
  • Tidied the rom and support path dialogs and made them less cumbersome [Captain CPS-X]
  • Changed the PNG load functions to use PNGlib [Captain CPS-X]
  • Added support for loading support files from zips [Captain CPS-X]
  • Added filter for Galaxian hardware to the selection dialog [Barry]
  • Matched all set to MAME 0.129u3 [Barry]
  • nb, the source is now doule-zipped similar to MAME for better compression
Download it at the author's website. It'll be available here later.
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