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Default Stella v2.7.2

Stella has been updated to v2.7.2. Changelist is as follows :

* Fixed major bug regarding auditing removing extensions from rom files.

* Partial workaround for sound not working in OpenGL video mode in Windows with ATI video hardware. Sound will now work for the first ROM selected, but not for subsequent ones (you will have to quit and restart Stella for sound to work again). Related to this, added '-audiofirst' commandline argument, which initializes audio before video when emulating a ROM. Further work is required to completely fix this bug.

* Fixed bug where volume wasn't being saved in 'Audio Settings' when
started from the ROM launcher.

* Fixed crash which sometimes occurred when viewing snapshots in the ROM Info viewer.

* Allow setting window sizes for the ROM launcher and debugger to be larger than your desktop resolution. Be careful with this feature, as switching to fullscreen mode may cause problems in such cases.

* Made the ROM launcher filename filtering be case-insensitive. This fixes a bug whereby ROMs with uppercase extensions were marked as invalid.

* Added a pattern matching textbox to the ROM launcher, used to further filter the files shown in the listing. For now, this filters files only (directories are not filtered, and are always shown).

* The location of EEPROM files used for AtariVox/Savekey emulation can now be changed with the '-eepromdir' commandline argument as well as in the UI.

* Added '-gl_aspectn' and '-gl_aspectp' commandline arguments (and associated UI items), which replace the previous '-gl_aspect' setting. The aspect modes can now be set separately for NTSC and PAL mode. Related to this, the range of values is now 80 - 120.

* Fixed bug with hold-select/reset/button0 when overriding ROM properties; the checkboxes in the UI weren't actually doing anything.

* The 'grabmouse' option is now configurable from the UI; previously it was only accessible from the commandline or its shortcut key.

* Removed 'Emulation_HmoveBlanks' ROM property and associated UI item. You can no longer optionally turn off HMOVE blanking; it is always enabled when necessary.
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