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Fla Flash
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Default FaTe....or densit-um, I mean destiny...

Okay, here's the deal.
My daughter is now officially in the custody of her grandmother. The prospective adoptive parents (whom I've known for years and had judged to be somewhat stable) never told me the wife was pregnant. I guess Alyssia had a problem with the new baby and stuff. (Nothing bad, some bowel movements at bad times-she's only 5). Anyway, they were ready to put her in a psychiatric hospital. The doctor said they had drugs that could help......
At any rate, I'm going to get to see her tomorrow. ^_^ (Sorry, Monkeyboy). I miss her more than almost anything. I've discussed it with her grandmother, and her Aunt Cindy is best equipped to take care of her. I sure the hell ain't. *sigh* I never really, originally, wanted kids, but when they came along, damn. There is nothing like the feeling of being a parent.

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