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Default Final Fantasy VI modifying


I've never attempted using any form of hack program for anything. Since playing Awful Fantasy by the Something Awful forums though, I've wanted to make my own version of Final Fantasy III/VI playable on ZSNES, based on a role playing group I run at home (I currently dorm at college).

I don't necessarily want to change the sprites, although I might attempt this. I do want to change: the characters'/major NPCs' names, almost all of the text, characters' stats and starting levels (for instance, changing Mog's starting level to 1 above party average instead of 5 above), characters' abilities, who can equip what, enemies' stats (mostly HP), magic/special attack names, equipment names/stats/what spells they can teach, what the espers give you as bonuses when you level up, and a few other things but that's most of it. As a comlpete newbie to this whole business, I'll need to know what I have to download, what each program does, how to use it, and so on. I want the result to be as non-buggy as possible (i.e. no "TCC" style problems from awful fantasy at the beginning of every fight in the magic tower.)

As I'm likely to forget I even posted this or joined the forum at all, given my stress with 7 classes and an actuarial exam, I'd like to ask that any responses also please be emailed to the_final_task82@yahoo.com. Thank you in advance,

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