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Default JCOM-SPC 1.96

Despite being identified as a final release in 2009, JCOM-SPC, a Super Nintendo Entertainment System SPC music file player for Windows, was updated to version 1.96 on Monday. Here's a list of what's new:
  • A small bug concerning how VB deals with registry accesses on Win7 64Bit, causing a "Runtime error 13". More specifically the part that recalls the last window positions. Added in some type conversion function calls and reports fixed the problem.
  • A few minor adjustments here and there.
  • Removed the 32bps option and a warning will issue if you attempt to set a sample rate above 48Khz. This is a limitation of uematsu.dll, not JCOM-SPC or SNESAPU.dll.
  • Removed the code for the REALMagic remote control and a few other cosmetic bits. The upshot of this is that JCOM-SPC should run with the plain vanilla VB6 runtime which is supplied by default with pretty much every version of windows since XP. NO MORE RUNTIMER!!! Also JCOM-SPC is now pretty much Windows user profile safe.
  • Debug logging is now written to the current user's My Documents folder as "JCOM-SPC-LOG.txt" and any temporary files get generated in the current user's TEMP folder.
  • This will be the last version of the this codebase. Development on a brand new from scratch JCOM-SPC is slowly in progress. Emphasis on slowly...
You can grab it at our JCOM-SPC download page. Thanks to Hojo Norem for the news.

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