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Default Noob question about capcom games on psx emulators...

I can't seem to get any capcom roms (particularly the Res. Evil games) to work on the PSX emulator. Any time I try to load one, it goes to an black screen with some kind of warning. any help?
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It might help if you mentioned which PSX emulator. Or what the warning said.
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Reaper man
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The warning is probably about copy protection. I'm betting it's a PAL game too.
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A few Capcom titles for PS1 do have copy protection [Dino Crisis 2 comes to mind].

I don't recall the RE titles giving me trouble though.
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Default Capcom games are fine

I've got capcom games running fine on epsxe 1.7 emulator none of them give trouble, i've tried street fighter ex 1,2,resident evil director's cut,resident evil dual shock edition,resident evil 3 and dino crisis 2 doesn't have any protection it works fine,the version i'm trying is us,do not try uk or jap version try us versions they will work perfect.

I've never heard psx emulators won't run because of protection, i reckon it most cases it will surpass the protection code.
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