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Default 00SChip8 updated and open source

Dear Zophar Team,

I came around to improving the Chip-8 emulator 00SChip8 that is listed here. I can now safely say it runs all of the games. I also included the Source Code so anyone can learn from it.

The new author link for this emulator is:
This is version "V1.2015".

Thank You!

00SChip8 - Chip-8 Emulator

00Schip8 uses parts of OGRE engine to render the screen, sound changes frequency based on the sound timer for a funnier effect, it can emulate both Chip8 and SuperChip. It can emulate all of the games, official and unofficial.
The emulator has now been made Open Source.

+ Now utilizes various inline x86 assembly instead of manual carry flag detection and various speed improvements.
+ No longer resets game speed when the game is reset.
+ Fixed rendering artifacts and inaccurate collision detection.
+ Fixed SHL,1 (shift register left by 1) that set Register F to the least significant bit instead of the most significant bit.
+ Small GUI changes.

Game Instructions

The games run in various screen sizes depending on what the game requests. It supports the following keyboard inputs:

3 Input: 0x1 [Decimal: 01]
4 Input: 0x2 [Decimal: 02]
5 Input: 0x3 [Decimal: 03]
6 Input: 0xC [Decimal: 12]
E Input: 0x4 [Decimal: 04]
R Input: 0x5 [Decimal: 05]
T Input: 0x6 [Decimal: 06]
Y Input: 0xD [Decimal: 13]
D Input: 0x7 [Decimal: 07]
F Input: 0x8 [Decimal: 08]
G Input: 0x9 [Decimal: 09]
H Input: 0xE [Decimal: 14]
C Input: 0xA [Decimal: 10]
V Input: 0x0 [Decimal: 00]
B Input: 0xB [Decimal: 11]
N Input: 0xF [Decimal: 15]


I have always been very interested in emulators and it was announced that Chip-8 is a great platform to learn the concept behind it. After creating one I definitely learned a lot about how the CPU (registers, opcodes, state-flags, stack and program execution), RAM (overflowing, operations between CPU/RAM, dynamic ASM generation) and GPU (pixel plotting, collision feedback, sprites) work.

The emulator ships with the Chip-8 Program Pack by Revival Studios. Our favorite game is: "Ant - In Search of Coke [Erin S. Catto]", an amazing SuperChip sidescroller.

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