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Default Anyone have vector graphic know-how?

OK... I have Flash MX (the 2002 one) and what I'm basically doing is this: I'm trying to make up a vector PDF that has as few rasterized graphics as possible.

I have my art object drawn up in an FLA. I am then able to export it into an AI file (albeit with the wrong colors, but hopefully this can be addressed later)

The graphic I want to import this into is a PSD file. My PSD mainly just has fonts and a few shapes, but all of them become vector after I save it into a PDF. The only problem with my imported graphic is that the image becomes rasterized and that's obviously bad. I'm having the time of my life trying to get this to stay as a vector graphic within my image. It HAS to be possible, right?

My photoshop is version 6, which I know is old, so I'm wondering if that could have something to do with it or if there are tricks I just simply do not know.

If anyone knows anything that can be done, please let me know. Thanks.
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Reaper man
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I feel this is a more tech talk question. Moving.
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I've used photoshop 6 a lot and I think the vector part of it almost useless for real work or at least hard to work with in my opinion.

Check this program out. It's called Inkscape and it's supposed to be pretty good and best of all it's open source and 100% free.

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