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Originally Posted by falcon View Post
the 7th was A Q&A game where you had to have A book with it Cannot see it emulated (Sunday Buffet for the Nes )A christian Game
There are (emulated) NES games called Bible Buffet and Sunday Funday, both Christian themed, but I've never heard of Sunday Buffet.

Looks like Bible Buffet is the game you're referring to, as it includes quizes that only give you a # which I suppose corresponds with a question in the book to which you referred. It's emulated perfectly fine, though it's obviously difficult to answer the questions correctly unless you cheat by saving the game, guessing, seeing the correct answers and then reloading and guessing correctly.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Wisdom Tree ever made Bible Buffet for PC or you could buy it from them. They still sell all of their PC games, clear back to the ones that were also ported to NES.
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I post stuff. Rarely. Heh.
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Post more then :|
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I found about this site today; and joined almost immidiately. These sort of "dying" things happen often to forums... you people should be happy you´re still alive!!!

Come on!!! Give me those high five!!!!!
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