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Default Anyone use Hugo with linux?

I can't get the thing to run at all. I've downloaded the tar off of zophar and put it into a /games/emulation/pcengine directory. Now, if I open the executable from a file browser a window will pop up briefly then go away, I can't really do anything the with the install script. if I run it with the default flag, it claims to not be a valid option. If I run it while trying to specify some directories, all it does is spout off a slew of a bunch of jargon about files not existing or inability to make directories.

So.. I'm looking to use this for CD games, btw.

I'm running ubuntu 5.10, and my video settings may be a little fubared yet, as i haven't bothered to install my videocard drivers yet.

Any help is appreciated,
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Sliver X
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Default Re: Anyone use Hugo with linux?

Have you tried Mednafen? I myself haven't had a chance to use the Linux build yet (Haven't wanted to put Linux back on my machine until I got an nVidia card again, which I now have), but the Win32 version has supplanted Magic Engine for 99% of my PCE needs.
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