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I use Opera when I want or need to see a site in fullscreen mode. Opera, imo, have the best fullscreen mode. Then again, it doesn't happen often. I just like to have more than 1 program for everything. (Firefox, Opera an IE for www, Winamp and foobar for music, Nero and Cyberlink for DVDs, etc). In case one fails, I have another solution.

Talking about fonts, I've just rediscovered Garamond. It's nice, but Myriad Pro's still my #1 font :P
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I'm a longtime Opera user. It has many nice features. At this moment I'm actually using Opera Mini, because I'm accessing ZMD right now from my phone. (ack, I need to get a phone with a qwerty keyboard or handwriting input-- this T9 stuff is for the birds. =P )
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Google Chrome what what? but forget ie, i dropped it what 3 yrs ago? everytime i try any ie it jus blows quite honestly. firefox ftw kay
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Originally Posted by shamanix85 View Post
I prefer the way pages are rendered in Opera over well pretty much anything else especially Internot Sexploiter 8. Ah gotta love a good browser flamewar :-)
I just tried it since Firefox has been slow lately. In Opera the pages colors seems more vibrant for some reason I have not explaination for, the pages scroll smooth as glass where Firefox is jerky/spasmotic, and lately it seems Firefox won't load somethings on Myspace like my music player when viewing my own profile. I think I'm going to play around with Opera for a little while since I've been having trouble with Firefox for the past few days and Opera's running smooth and fast.
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