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Default Re: Megaman Anniversy Editiion

> And comments?

You should all be happy that they released anything at all here in the states!! Remember what they did for MegaMan's 10th Anniversary? They re-released RockMan 1-6 on PlayStation... but it was ONLY in Japan. I'm just happy that they released anything at all. And I'm personally glad they didn't change the graphics... I never really liked MegaMan - Wily Wars all that much. For those of us that are tired of using emulators and needing to have three different consoles hooked up to play 1-8, this release is a good thing... be happy they released SOMETHING.

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Default Megaman Anniversary blows unwashed goats.

> And comments?

A good friend spent the weekend at my place this weekend, and he brought along a lot of games - among them was the GameCube version of Megaman Anniversary. While the games are pretty much perfectly ported (or emulated, I'm not sure), some coked-up idiot fucked up the controls. In in MMA, the A button is attack and the B button is jump, whereas on the NES the A button is jump and the B button is attack, and the two buttons are in the same position on the GCN controller as on the NES, so they've effectively completely fucked up my ability to play it...

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