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Default Need Resident Evil - Director's Cut savestates or saved games


I defeated the giant snake for the second time, and I went down the hole that he created, with a rope that Barry gave me. When you're at the bottom, Barry drop the rope down, and tells you that he'll go looks for another one. However, I immediately went down the ladder to continue the game, instead of waiting for Barry to return.

Now here's the problem:

- If you wait for Barry to return with the 2nd rope, he won't die at the end of the game and you'll have 2 battles with the Tyrant.

- If you don't wait for Barry and go down the ladder, Barry will die at the end of the game and you'll have only one battle with Tyrant.

It's been a long time since I've last played RE - DC, and I've made the wrong choice. Now, I beat the game but Barry is dead. My earliest save game is after Barry drop the rope. So, I was hoping that someone here knew a place to get save states or saved game files near the second snake fight, or anywhere around the end where you have waited for Barry to return. I don't feel like re-playing the game from the beginning only to see the other ending (the true one imho.)

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