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Default Speedball II - help!


Sorry to make my first post a plea for help!

I have played Speedball II on various systems for years and it is driving me mad that I cannot beat it in League mode!

I'm currently playing it on a Sega Genesis emulator and want to enter a cheat code so I can try to beat it by cheating!

The problem is the cheat codes are all 10 digits, ie FF00FA7FFF (infinite cash).

However, the password page for entering these codes into is 32 digits (8 rows of 0000).

Can anyone help me by advising how to enter this code? It might save the little bit of sanity I have left!

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Yeah, I know how it is being mostly insane. Anyway...

What Genesis emulator are you using? If I could download it and open up the cheat page, then I could probably figure it out. From what you've told me about the cheat, I figured out all of the hex values, and came up with this:

If the value of F is 15 (which it is), and the value of A is 10 (it is)...if you take every four numbers (after converting the hex letters to numbers), and divide the number into four numbers per row, then it looks like this:


That's as far as I got with the info provided...sorry. Like I said, a specific program name would immensely help.
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