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Default Re: Can Somebody Please Explain This To Me?

> Seriously -- get
> closer to your TV, and step back from your monitor. Then
> you'll see what I'm talking about.

For it is only through this "growing closer" that we may learn the truth.
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Default How about this?

Let's say you were stretching out the picture, say, 2x size. That would look okay, because each pixel can show up as the same size. However, if you were to try dragging the corner, let's say, you would not get the same ratio of expansion in both dimensions. This will cause pixels to become different sizes. This is a problem in VisualGBA if you were to run the ROM in fullscreen mode without Esc-ing the menubar out.
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Default Re: Can Somebody Please Explain This To Me?

> they still make those? whats the capacity?

Copiers? No. Flash carts? Yes: http://www.tototek.com/

They also sell reconditioned copiers there, that's what I bought.
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