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Default Re: Work in LA and make $28K a year or go to college and make $30K after

I have a much
> better picture of where my life is going now, so perhaps the
> change was good.

Good for you. I am actually stuck in a rut. The lovely Canadian economy does not recognise me as an employable person because of my lack of experience. Such as life. Sometimes I wonder if i would be more employable down in the US.

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Default Re: Work in LA and make $28K a year or go to college and make $30K after

> Do what you love. If you want to be an advertising artist,
> go for it.

Actually, deep down, I never really wanted to do advertising, I just wanted to do it because it would be a safer career then music. I liked advertising but..... music is what I love. When I told people after HS Im going to do music, they would be like "oh okay", But when I said I was going to do advertising, it made people say "oh thats great". And now I relized I cant even afford proper transportation to SF for this job interview I have next Monday. And ironically enough, Im starting to get more serious on my music now, and with another job interview in LA on Friday, Im like fuck it, might as well stay in the SoCal, and work while working on my music. Im tired of being what people would think thats best for me, Im going to do what I want to do. Besides if I fail I can always mooch =)

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