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Default Quastion about Roms Translations

Hi,i am new in this forum and i have quastions about Roms Translation:

1.How i translation any gameboy roms like pokemon yellow?

2.How i change fonts like english font to hebrew or other languges font if it possible?

3.How i translating japanese roms to english?

if you have tutorials to the 3 quastion,please give them

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Default Re: Quastion about Roms Translations

I don't know, but if I were you I wouldn't be translating anything into English unless I had a partner to double-check my typing.

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Default Re: Quastion about Roms Translations

You'll find everything you need at romhacking.com

It's best that you do English to Hebrew for now till your English skills increase.

Gameboy games have a slightly different pointer system then SNES or NES games and there is a doc about that on romhacking.com. Otherwise hacking GameBoy is about the same as any other game.

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