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Default Sonic Advance 3: Extreem Manseckz

Ladies and gentlemen, it is very rare that a ROM hack comes along which better acheives the purpose of its original game.
Think Sonic 2 Delta. Think Mario's Adventure.
Hacks that take the original goal and go beyond.

Obviously, THQ and the Sonic Team intented to make one GAY game.
Well today, we have gone further.

Me and ShadowChaotix/SGR have over-dealt the game's original theme, with an audio overhaul (not music though, ugh) and minor graphics tweak. It is none other than:

Sonic Advance 3: Extreem Manseckz

With more mangrip and pwnage then you can shake a rofl h47 at.
You can get the IPS patch here:
There are instructions for using the patch in the .rar.

But what would be a hack without screenies? It's be pretty lame, but we're not going that far. Screenies are here:

Stop looking at screenies! Play the thing and/or discuss!
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