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Exclamation School Project help

So, I'm doing a project for school and decided to poll on the forums. I've gotta ask eight questions about a topic related to U.S. government, and then take the results and break them up into samples based on different factors (they're listed at the end). For each question, even though I'd much rather not restrict your answers, I have to (for the sake of clear interpretation). The answers are listed right below each question, in parenthesis and seperated by commas. Here's the questions:

1. Do you think that the government is doing enough to try to fix the economy?
(Yes, No, I'm not sure)

2. Do you think that, even though AIG blew some bailout money on fancy vacations, the government should approve of another bailout?
(It's a necessary move, It might be worth it, Waste of money)

3. What about another economic stimulus package? Should another one be approved?
(Yes, Either way is fine, People should be self-sufficient)

4. Should the government approve of a bailout for the automotive industry?
(Yes, Only if the auto industry works to improve alternative fuel technologies, The industry needs to take care of itself)

5. Do you feel like the recent drops in gas prices are temporary?
(No, Yes, I'm not sure)

6. Is a surge in fuel demand, and a subsequent gas price spike inevitable?
(No, Unlikely but possible, Yes)

7. Do you feel that when Obama takes office, the economy will stabilize?
(It will improve, It will stabilize, It will only get worse)

8. Overall, what's your current view of the country's economic state, both righ now and in the future?
(Optimistic, Uncertain, Pessimistic)

Okay, now for the personal info I'll need...it's nothing big. I need your age, nationality, and gender.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out.
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