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I just found out about the "2sf format" and already listened to the Spyro musics via winamp and the vgmstream library. Great work

Now I wonder, what other msuic formats are there for NDS games ?

For example, why do some roms have "strm" file extension ? (music stream?)

The game "Petz Fantasy" has this nicely put together track in the level when you are flying. (it really sounds like mp3 or a wav-loop, not like midi)

Sure, I could attach a microphone, just emulate and record it, but Id really liek to know what this other format is made of and if there is anybody working on a plugin for it.


Oh well, I extracted the games "sound_data.sdat" file with the kiwi editor, came up the the sound folders and used the "SEQ_SFX.ssar" to convert it with "sseq2mid".

All I get is a memory allocation error and an unplayable 1kb midi file.

So the question would still be, is this still the 2sf format or is there somethign different ?

Thanks in advance .)

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.strm is a streaming music format (as opposed to .2sf which is the native sequenced format). For those files you will want to install vgmstream.
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