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Default Re: No problem.

> If you have the 9x disc, I'm pretty sure you can install
> from scratch and it'll ask for the 9x disc somewhere along
> the way to verify it. Not positive on that, though.
But I'm installing the XP disk. The same rule applies for XP?

I'll want to format my primary HDD. Is there a technique for that, like something under BIOS or something?

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Ugly Joe
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Default Re: No problem.

> But I'm installing the XP disk. The same rule applies for
> XP?

The update disk doesn't need any files from any other OS, it just needs proof that you own another windows OS. If you format and try to install from the upgrade disc, it will, somewhere during the installation, ask you to insert your other Windows cd.

Check the bottom of http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/u...october07.mspxthis page</a>.

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Default Re: No problem.

Didnt even ask me and mine was a upgrade only version of pro. though it might be the cause of slipstreaming SP2...

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