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Default Changes to forums and subdomains over the weekend

So, what happened to some of our content over the weekend? Here's the scoop:
  • The Announcements forum no longer exists. All front-page news posts are now exclusively in the Emulation News forum.
  • The Diaries and the Backroom forums no longer exist. All of their content has been merged into the Talk of the Town forum. The sticky on the Talk of the Town forum regarding the Diaries forum has been deleted.
  • The Archive forum no longer exists.
  • roms.zophar.net no longer exists. The stickied topic in the General Emulation forum relating to this subdomain has been deleted. As a reminder, here's a quote from the OTHER stickied topic in the General Emulation forum: "No ROM/ISO/BIOS requests or links to said files are allowed. This means ANY copyrighted/pirated game or other illegal download. You and your posts will be removed immediately."
  • Message board users are now categorized into one of two groups: "Registed Users" and "Members". "Registered Users" cannot post visitor messages, cannot have signatures and cannot create URL hyperlinks in posts. "Registered Users" are promoted to the "Members" group by making 5 posts on the message boards. Spam posting on the message boards will continue to be policed heavily.
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