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Default uBee512 v4.0.0 for Windows and Linux released

A new version of this Microbee computers emulator has been released for both Windows and Linux. Here is the changelog:

New for this release:
  • Added the z80ex Z80 emulator and is now the default.
  • Completely overhauled the memory and ports management system, there is no longer any banked memory swapping, this has greatly reduced host CPU time for some Microbee systems and other code.
  • Will now compile and work on Mac OS X Intel and PPC models. The PPC's Big Endian architecture has not been fully tested.
  • Added full screen, sound, volume+, volume- and tape buttons to OSD menu and removed Cancel.
  • Recoded various source modules to make use of new Z80 APIs. The new method allows other Z80 emulators to be added.
  • Serial, parallel printer, and other PIO interrupts have been improved.
  • Changes made to PIO SW serial resulting in better performance.
  • The Vertical blanking period has been increased to 15% to produce better sound with z80ex and when MWB v6.30e is used.
  • Changed the --version option to also report the Z80 emulator in use.
  • Double left button mouse click no longer toggles full screen mode when the OSD has the focus.
  • Changes to ubee512rc to include a 'darwin' start-up conditional.
  • Changes and additions to roms.alias file.
  • Changed games.ini.sample to create the temporary games image in the default disks location.
  • Fixed MD5 file matching to keep trying other matching MD5 entries when the file name is not found.
  • Fixed segmentation error when creating a '.temp' file and the creation of the file fails for any reason.
  • Fixed mouse cursor positioning when switching between full screen and window displays.
  • Fixed incorrect disassembly of IX and IY instructions.
  • Fixed the standard PC85 model's Shell garbled text problem by presetting some RAM locations. (this is actually a Shell bug)
  • z80ex handles maskable interrupts better and has fixed some issues.
  • z80ex fixes some instructions and passes all the 'zexall.com' Z80 exerciser program tests. (use -x500 to increase testing speed)
  • GUI status line is now updated after an OSD console command is entered.
You can see what the buzz is all about over on SourceForge, or over the uBee512 page. You can also go here for the Linux version.

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