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Default Super Parigo Kart - SMK Hack

Hi everyone, I'm new here.
Firstly I would like to congratulate everyone who contributed to this website as it's clearly a fantastic job ! Well done !

Anyway, I would like to present you my hack of Super Mario Kart : Super Parigo Kart.
It is a complete hack :
- New characters
- New tracks
- New backgrounds
- AI in GP working
- Items and coins placement done
- etc ...

One other thing : the game is a PAL hack, as some of you know SMK was reprogrammed when transferred to PAL, so SMK PAL and NTSC are clearly different... Most of the SMK hacks (maybe even ALL SMK hacks) are NTSC, so that's a point I had to highlight

Here is a Trailer showing all Tracks + some screenshots :
(If you are interested, there are several other videos of Records done on the game)

The main purpose of this hack was to provide some sort of SMK 2 (same type of tracks, same type of shortcuts, same type of fun, etc...) but with personnal features, I mean I'm a member of the super mario kart community and i wanted to add some "private jokes" in it for other members ... That's why, i guess some of the backgrounds or characters will appear strange for some of you. Anyway, I think even if you misunderstand some things, the game is clearly a follow-up of SMK and can be enjoyed as much as it.
The game was aimed to be on cartridges only (and for members of the community only), indeed we even did a ranking website for times done on cartridges ([url]http://superparigokart.haisoft.net[/url] for those who are interested) but as everyone who played it found it cool, I think it'll be too bad not to share it with everyone.
Currently, there is no rom Patch of this hack available on the web, so I'm asking you, if you would be interested in this hack and if you want me to submit it to zophar's domain ?
If yes, then i should upload a patch for the hack in the following months.

Best Regards,

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