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Kitsune Sniper
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Default Get me to the US! Buy my crap!

I've got to make a cross-country(ies) trip in about a month, so I have to unload as many of these items as I can to get spending money, so here you go. Sorry about this long post, I just need the money urgently. As usual, I combine shipping. And if possible, I'll ship Priority, but if the items are too heavy, I'll ship parcel. I can't use Media Mail due to the local postal workers, sorry.

-- == SNES Boxes == --
Great Circus Mystery, Mario is Missing, SF2 Turbo boxes for sale, $2.50 each. All include manual, but are somewhat crushed and the Mario is Missing's manual has part of its front cover ripped.

Fatal Fury Box, Art of Fighting box + Manual, both mint = $2.75 each.

-- == Japanese Adult Doujinshi == --
Okay, I got these two at random over on a recent flea market raid.
Doujinshi 1 is called "95-99 Special Edition" and features images and characters from KOF 95-99. Decent art, and only two thirds of the book is adult in nature. The first third is nothing but fights and dialogue.
Doujinshi 2 is... well... based on Sakura Taisen, and its name is Dandizm 21 Ver. 7. From what I can gather, it's made by the St.RIO Doujinshi circle. Just google them or something. I didn't like it. :P

I'll be taking offers and such.

-- == Sega Saturn == --
* Spot Goes To Hollywood, some scratches, in case w/manual
* Clockwork Knight, some scratches, faded case and manual, broken case
* The Lost World: Jurassic Park, great condition, no scratches
* Casper (US) Sealed
* Casper (PAL/Euro version) complete and mint with box and manual
* Nights Into Dreams Sampler Disc (scratched quite a bit)
I'd like $30 for the lot. Shipping extra.

DEAD Sega Saturn System, boxed with one pad, AC adaptor and A/V Cables = $5 + shipping costs.

-- == ATARI games == --
Star Raiders (Atari) complete in box: $4.50
Porky's 2600 cart: $3.50

-- == SNES games == --
NBA Live '98 SNES boxed: $5.00

-- == NES games == --
Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf = $3.50
Golf (Nintendo) boxed, box in bad condition, no manual = $4.00
Major League Baseball (boxed) = $4.00

-- == Genesis games == --
Power Monger (boxed, good condition, has one tear/puncture in spine) = $9.99 or best offer

-- == Famicom Carts == --
Puyo Puyo cart: $10

-- == Famicom Pirate / Bootleg Carts == --
72 in One cart. See first thumbnail for list of games. Seems to be fine but the board is a bit loose (it rattles as if it was loose in there, but it seems to be in okay condition) Make offer.

Chinese Chess (MGC-001) cart. I'll take offers only since I have no clue how much this costs.

-- == Anime CDs == --
Ghibli Anime: The Best - apparently legitimate CD release of various Studio Ghibli theme songs. Doesn't include an Obi, and the case is a bit cracked, and also, the CD is somewhat scratched but plays fine. I found a playlist online, and it contains music from Laputa, Nausiica, Totoro, and Porco Rosso. MP3 samples available upon request. $15.

-- == Sega Master System == --
Captain Silver SMS complete: $4.00
SpellCaster SMS complete: $4.00
Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars (SMS) complete (one of the box's hooks is loose, and the hook where the game was hung from is gone; The label on the cart is near mint without any fading, and the cart itself has very little wear. The manual is in great condition as well, with a bit of warping due to age.) = $10
Alex Kidd in Miracle World (The box is in great condition, and has the little hook thing on the back of the box. The label on the cart is near mint without any fading, and the cart itself has very little wear. The manual isn't in very good condition though - it's got a tear and the cover is a bit folded.) = $10

-- == Sega CD Games == --

Marky Mark: Make My Video = $4

Kris Kross: Make My Video = $4

Willy Beamish = $4

-- == Playstation Not For Resale Discs == --
I found like fifteen different copies of this at the flea market, but only brought back one to try it out. It's just the disc in a thin plastic case, nothing more. I tried it out on ePSXe and works fine... it's a Soccer manager simulation game, so I'm not too interested in it, but it's rare, maybe, and such so people may want it. It -seems- to be a complete version. I saw no mention of a demo or anything, but I could be wrong. $7.50.

-- == Intellivision Software == --
Intellivision NASL Soccer, with box and one overlay: $2.00

-- == PC Software == --
Two Windows NT 4.0 Workstation OEM new/sealed packages - $17.50 SHIPPED (for both)

-- == PC Games == --
* SimAnt: This is not the white box re-release version. This is the original black box version, and it includes a really frickin' THICK book on ants. If anything, that is well worth the price. Only problem... is that the game is in two 3/12 floppies. There's no guarantee that it'll still work. :\ $5.
* Rainbow Six: Gold Pack Edition: It includes Rainbow Six, Rainbow Six: Eagle Watch, and a Prima strategy guide for both games. No box, but all games are in jewel cases and the guide is in near mint condition. I still have to find it, though. $7.50 or best offer.
* 100 Best Arcade Games CD with case $1
* GROM: Terror In Tibet CDs + manual $1
* Shanghai Dynasty CD only $1
* Atlantis: Search for the Journal Promo CD $1
* EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 $1
* Mech Commander (boxed, includes all manuals, one game CD, and strategy guide) = $5
* Command & Conquer (BOXED DOS/Win95 version) = $5.50
* Flashback: The Quest For Identity $1
* King's Quest V $2.50
* Flash Traffic: City of Angels MPEG version $2.50
* Chaos Control $1
* MYST $1
* Leonard Nimoy's Primortals Win/MAC CD boxed $2
* Compaq EA Sports and EA Games Bundle (Madden 2001 + Tiger Woods 2001 + Triple Play Baseball + Sim City 3000 Unlimited + Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed) $5

-- == Mac Games == --
Myst Macintosh sealed w/crushed box - $2

-- == Misc. stuff == --
Kirby - Right Back At Cha coloring book (Japanese) - $5
Anpanman inflatable ball (shaped like his head! From Japan) - $4
Super Mario Bros. (movie) coloring book, decent condition and uncolored - MAKE OFFER!

Okay, I'll ship Priority or Parcel Post (no media mail). If you buy a lot of items, I'll give discounts. I just want to get ALL THIS STUFF OUT OF MY HOUSE! I take Paypal and Money Orders as payment. Please PM me to discuss things. Thanks for looking!
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