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Default Stupid vista again

My laptop came with cyberlink dvd and a burning program called power2go. Been using it to burn some dvds. Saved the session and when I later re-opened it, all the files were greyed out. WTF.

So I open the session file and the files are stored as "\File\filename.ext". No mention of a path anywhere. So I move the explorer window in the program to the right folder and try again. Nope. Then I decide to move the entire directory tree to my user profile folder (C:\Users\Sam) because it might chroot to that environment. Nadda.

Moved the files back but somehow copied the documents and favorites directories too. Created a cyclic thing because I was copying to a destination which was also the source. Vista stopped me. Good.

But not really.

It changed the location of Documents to this new place as well as Favorites. Documents is just a link so I was able to modify that....Favorites is an actual folder so I had to search the registry and change the path back because IE7 decided to automatically update it when it was moved but not when it was moved back.

Vista idiotproofing isn't idiotproof at all. It's stupid and annoying because you can still destroy it by copying a freaking file.

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Default Re: Stupid vista again

So... Vista's giving people that much trouble...?
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Default Re: Stupid vista again

my experience was short and not too sweet...
i decided to install vista on my macbook, but vista apparently does not support the laser printer we use at work
so that was that
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