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Default 3 years is a long time

I know its been ages since I actually posted and alot has happened since, not only have I met an amazing woman wh I will move to be with in 7 weeks I've learned so much on what love is. With my ex it was all give,with Rachel its 50/50, granted I'm making a HUGE risk in moving 2048 miles away but 3 yrs together I've totallly won over her family, it felt so right to be there for 3 weeks in november, so I know I'll leave with love to risk but its a risk I'm willing to take because this time I know its not all me giving and shit, we both have made sacrifices in this ld relationshi p and when I ask her to marry me I know it'll be right I've missed you all though and I promis e to post more
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Default Re: 3 years is a long time

hey, long time no chat.
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