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Unhappy Miwi

so yeah my mother in law got a miwi off amazon or some shit, its some Chinese made wii pirate console and she couldnt get it working (per usual with technology things with her) so she gave it to us and I just now got around to trying it. I unplugged my wii from the TV and after deciphering the ENGRISH manual I got it up and working, mind you the entire thing from the console itself to the knock off wiimotes and wireless n64 clone controller all need batteries and I popped in the 7 in 1 sports game cartridge, yes cartridge, and turn it on. Right away I was greeted by subpar early 16 bit era graphics and funny as hell chinese like music, so I go hmm I'll try boxing. After figuring out how to work the controller to get the sensor on the console to see it I pick my person and play.. mind you the game is called boxing but nobody on it boxes, all 3 opponents do anything BUT box. They kick at you like bruce lee, you're the only one to have boxing gloves. I tried to like it but due to the sensor being epic fail and the ai being as dumb as paris hilton, I mean they just stand there begging you to hit them I turn it off and try tennis thinking it'll be better. I couldnt have been more wrong, all you do is hit the A button 50000 fucking times while some chinese dude yells IN or OUT depending on where the ball lands. So I go okay screw this and decide to try the 32 in 1 arcade games pak. I fire it up and I almost choked on my drink laughing so hard. It said in big bold white letters 16 ARCASE GAMES PLAY NOW ME!!! while some funny sounding bad jpop on crack music played in the background, I didnt even try the games due to the fact I could feel my brain cells dying rapidly so I turned it off and plugged the wii back in and took out my "I just wasted an hour of my life I'll never get back" frustrations on the world circut of wii punch out.
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The 9th Sage
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It's too bad you can't get video of it....or CAN you? Sounds pretty funny...I have a strange fondness for weird pirate stuff.
Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.

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hmm forgot to mention the fact the fake wiimote like attachments that serve no purpose unlike on a real wii. I tried the one for boxing and it served as a way for the crap sensor on the console to fail to see the controller at all and the tennis racket one is COMPLETLY pointless since all you do is aim at the screen and hit the A button whenever the push the button now sign appears on screen :S I feel even more sorry for china now that I've played the miwi, with cheap knock offs like this its amazing they aint all bomb rushing suicide bombers
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