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Default pudu diary #69

Ahh the weekend. All during the work week, I look forward to it. Then it comes, now it's passing and... I didn't do shit! slept all fucking yesterday.

But a shout out to Elazul, Shawn, GamerTony and a couple others on #Zophar channel last night. Good times and lotsa beer!

Downloaded 150mb of a porn vid - in zip chucks, i.e. z01, z02, etc. and the damn thing won't splice together now! arrgh! it was labor of love dling each 4.83mb file (30). :'<

met a couple new chickies online this weekend. Trying to get the virtual hook-up, yo. Why is this so much easier than trying to in person? Sign of the times? Or i'm just really that inept?

Saw shawns pic with the handlebar mustash. Kick Ass! He da man.

never got to see tha movie cuz my friend didn't return my calls. So I went down to the mall and hung with the guys at the used game store. We laugh for hours - giving ugly chicks the lowest possible rating on Hot or not .com. Making fun of ppl is too damn fun. :>

cruisin in my gallant with Dre's Chronic 2 blastin. Yah, I know I be tha man ...minus hot chicks of course. Chicks *can* be so overated cuz I have met far too many bitches! I'm tellin yah, America's got it bad. Bitch capital of the world. /me reminises to all the lovely foriegn babes I've known. Rina, Sylke, Milla Jovovich. Ahh, those were the days.

Guy at the game store was takin a survey on your top three male and female actors. Mine:

1) Johnny Depp
2) Val Kilmer
3) Samuel L. Jackson

1) Milla Jovovich
2) Zhang Zi Yi
3) Catriona MacColl

<font size=-2>*links are to pics.</font>

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Default Re: pudu diary #69

Now there's someone who knows how to have a good time. Way to go Pudu. ^_^

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