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Default RetroCopy v0.700

A new release of RetroCopy, a NES/SMS emulator for Windows, has been released. These are the changes:
  • [EMU] Upgraded the YM2413 FM core to stereo, fixes bad sound in SMS FM games
  • [EMU] Added GameGear Gear-To-Gear network link emulation.
  • [EMU] Fixed bug in GameGear VDP that made it act like a V1 SMS VDP
  • [EMU] Fixed bug in SMS VDP that was clearing lower bits in status register (PGA Golf)
  • [CORE] Now support .ZIP files for conversion, including zip files with mulitple ROMs inside
  • [CORE] Singular official .game files are now saved if a complete set isn't found
  • [CORE] Added screenshot saving with two modes. The "Full screenshot" mode saves the borders so it's like a real TV and the other mode is "content only" which is purely the content.
  • [CORE] Added option to change fast forward speed
  • [CORE] Upgraded SDL version
  • [CORE] Now warn there may be issues when display isn't at least 1280x720
  • [CORE] Usage stats for games played are now saved on the RetroCopy server, allowing you to view the most played games
  • [CORE] Changed the way covers are loaded. Now all media relating to a game is stored in a .ZIP file in a media subdirectory, reducing clutter
  • [CORE] Finalized Sega Master System .GAME headers . All Sega Master System games have been added
  • [CORE] Updated arcade.dat and removed GameGear, Megadrive, Nintendo NES dat files until we have properly covered the games in them.
  • [CORE] Fixed over 60 memory leaks and other small resource issues
  • [CORE] Added rewind buffer size option instead of a default time limit, defaults to 256MB. Allows you to use up to 1GB of memory which would would allow you to rewind for a few minutes on some systems. This allows users with low RAM to use the MegaDrive emulation, which in last version using over 500MB for rewind.
  • [CORE] Added feature to .GAME which allow us to specify whether a game is a hack, official release, etc
  • [CORE] Added country information to .GAME header
  • [SOUND] Fixed issue with audio latency that sometimes would not autofix itself like it should have
  • [3D] VSYNC option now doesn't need a restart to take effect
  • [3D] Added mipmaps and anisotropic filtering to emulator output for increased quality in virtual game room (optional, NVIDIA users can't use this as all drivers are broken and it's too slow)
  • [3D] Increased performance of mipmap generation, now there is little delay even when loading 10 megapixel images
  • [3D] Added Anisotropic Filtering option, will use maximum amount when enabled
  • [3D] Changed viewpoint calculation to better suit some displays
  • [3D] Changed and cleaned up the way game covers are loaded for better resource usage and lower loading times
  • [3D] Multiple 3D game box models can now be used for each game
  • [3D] Added GameGear 3D box model (export)
  • [3D] Changed the way 3D game boxes are viewed, now no manual rotation is necessary, simply left and right click on the boxes to get them to rotate or zoom.
  • [3D] Fixed issue of game boxes not always being centered in the game cover area.
  • [GUI] Implemented new font caching mechanism to speed up font operations, greatly increasing GUI performance
  • [GUI] Fixed issue with fonts sometimes not loading language specific unicode characters (Portugese, French, Norwegian, etc)
  • [GUI] Added new textbox control with scrollable areas
  • [GUI] Changed game browser layout
  • [GUI] Added country flags and other icons to game browser
  • [GUI] Added Reviews/cheats/trivia sections, they are automatically filled in with data from the server allowing dynamic content and user participation
  • [GUI] Increased size of 3D game box area and added screenshot section above it
  • [GUI] Can now download game covers for any game with a single click within RetroCopy
  • [GUI] .GAME conversion and Directory Browsing now happen in another thread
  • [GUI] Added more information to the .GAME conversion window
  • [GUI] Changed the way windows are removed to cleanup code dealing with window management
  • [GUI] Added .GAME filtering, filter by country, name, year released, cooperative, single player, etc
  • [GUI] Added .GAME grouping options. Now can group similar games (ie Sonic USA / JAP / EUR / v1 / v2) so you can more easily select the game you want without clutter
  • [GUI] Some buttons now change to reflect custom button mappings assigned to them
  • [GUI] Can now select the system you want to use without scrolling through all of them
  • [WEB] http://www.retrocopy.com/games.aspx - Online database added
  • [INPUT] Added "reset to default" button
  • [INPUT] Keyboard mapping now is relevant to your specific mapping (QWERTY, DVORAK, etc)
  • [INPUT] Now reset global input state before testing user input on config page. Fixes broken input drivers that send fake/incorrect commands on startup (DKT70)
  • [INPUT] Now use directinput instead of MMapi.
  • [INPUT] Upgraded joystick config to allow upto 32 axis, 8 hats and 64 buttons
  • [INPUT] Added joystick info page that shows in real time the status of all controllers connected, including their current axis values, button values and hat directions.
  • [INPUT] Added more configurable commands such as 3D movement, use, turn off, etc
Download it at the project website. It'll be later available here.
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Man, he always adds so much. That's a lot for one person. :P
Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.

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