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Default The Death of the Backroom.

This is in the same vein as the thread by JadussD, but slightly off topic. I was thinking we could put the backroom in a coffin and commit it to space in a traditional "trekkian" kind of way. It would be apt, seeing as how our conversations rarely ever went beyond broad and ridiculously simplified concepts. Well, obviously my study requires me to read constantly about government and business, democracy, economic and political theories, international events etc... and as a result my desire to sit and throw flames with people at ZD is at the end of it's wick. Also, my love for partisan sparring long went the way of old yeller and I'm more concerned with foreign affairs and international relations than anything else. Most of the politics I discuss are with international students over a couple beers, or other IR majors (as, for various contrived reasons, American Politics and Pre-law students find International Studies to be at the low-end of the totem pole in the realm of social sciences). I find the study, however, to be extremely prevalent in an age where the world's perception of America is less-then-friendly. It doesn't mean I don't get satisfaction from being a good little capitalist, playing Monopoly and watching Jack Bauer slaughter terrorists, but I'm highly convinced at this point that how we respond to the world in the next decade is crucial to our continuation. So, I take full responsibility for not offering a sound and reliable source of controversy in partisan American politics on a more regular basis, leading to the degradation of this once thriving backroom community
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