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Default Re: What's your favorite emulator(s)?

> Software is software is software. Emulator or not.

An emulator has a single end goal which can be reached (100% accuracy), most other software does not.

> Unless you're using 3D effects, it'll look the same on all
> cards regardless.

Which is exactly what I was talking about. MAME emulates 3D hardware now.

> For the same reason that you told me. If you really have to
> ask that then you'd probably do well to socialise with
> people more.

Probably, but my anti-social attitudes are not the issue here.

> Judging from what I've seen of MAME's zealots, I'd rather
> not.

Yeah, because you might encounted a MAMEdev who would tell you exactly why you're wrong. God forbid!

> Already stated. (and no, HDD space isn't the problem)

What is the problem then? If it's speed, show me how it could be made faster. Saying "It could be faster" means absolutely fuck all. Say why!

> Efficiency is complimentary to accuracy. You're trying to
> say that you can only have one or the other and it's simply
> not true.

If a driver is fully optimized and requires a 50Ghz CPU, it's still fully optimised. Some stuff just can't be made faster. Most of that stuff that can be made faster in MAME already is fast enough on mid-level CPUs of today, so little reason is seen as to why it should be made any faster. If you disagree, the source is fully available for download. We await your code.

> Because earlier I didn't think that this was going to turn
> into a name calling match.

You are on the way to destruction.

> If that justification helps you sleep better at night....

No, my ability to sleep like a log wherever I am does that.

> Never said I hated pirates, but hypocrites are an entirely
> different matter.

Address my analogy or be a hypocrit yourself. Is emulating an out of production 80s game analogous in your mind to emulating a GBA game that is on the shelves in any decent game store?

> There can't be a homebrew scene without support for it.
> That'd be consoles and emulators.

Which is why they're legal.

> It's not illegal unless you distribute it in that
> configuration. If someone wants to change a piece of
> software for personal use, they are allowed to do so.

People do distribute them in that configuration.

> As "horrendously inaccurate" as it is, It sure works better
> than MAME does for NeoGeo games.

Now you're just arguing against facts. The NeoGeo has raster effects which MAME emulates and NeoRAGEx does not. NeoRAGEx doesn't render many GFX in the KOF95 intro, MAME does. The NeoGeo has been found to run at 59.185608 Hz, MAME takes this into account which fixed many syncing issues, NeoRAGEx still runs it at exactly 60 Hz.

NeoRAGEx was the best for 1998, and MAME is the best for 2005. MAME is slower, but anyone with a PC running above 1Ghz is unlikely to ever notice a difference. MAMEdev obviously sees the speed hit as necessary, but you do not. We still await your code.

> Seems to me like you're the one lacking comprehension
> ability. You keep sticking words in my mouth.

"Efficiency is complimentary to accuracy. You're trying to say that you can only have one or the other and it's simply not true."

I didn't say this. You put these words in my mouth. You can have efficiency and accuracy, but you're holding MAME to your own arbitary standard for what is 'efficient', then expecting MAME to meet it. Do you even know if it's possible to keep the same accuracy and get better speed? I sure don't.

> First, see above.

It seems to be your position though. You're placing all pirates as equal, and calling anyone who claims the moral highground a 'hypocrit' since we're all breaking the law equally, which we already knew.

> Piracy is piracy. You either pirate software or you don't. I
> never said that I disapproved. Again, that was completely a
> fabrication of your imagination.

What is your position then? If I'm putting words in your mouth, it's only because I'm trying to put together your point of view from bits and pieces of it. Give me the whole thing here so there's no more damn confusion.

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Lobster Cowboy
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Default Re: What's your favorite emulator(s)?

i pretty much only use ZSNES, Kega Fusion. Kawaks, and Nestopia

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Default Re: What's your favorite emulator(s)?

Stella for Atari 2600
Fusion for Sega Genesis
espsxe for Playstation
Project 64 for N64
Nestopia for NES
Snes9x for SNES
No$GBA for Gameboy Advance
No$GBA for Nintendo DS
Visual Boy Advance for Gameboy
Visual Boy Advance for Gameboy Color
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Default Re: What's your favorite emulator(s)?

> Speaking of that, I can't wait to see what people will do
> with the DS....the only thing that hasn't really been worked
> out to a huge degree yet is the audio...it's known only how
> to do streaming audio.
No$GBA is a great DS Emulator it has fairly decent sound too.
So far I think it's better that iDeaS or any of the other DS emulators out there.
It does the GBA great too.
It does play commercial games too.
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Default Re: What's your favorite emulator(s)?

lets see...

I generally tend to collect emulators and stuff over the years, don't be surprised if this list is extensive.

3D0 - FreeDO ( never used it for games, ran the bios once)
MAME - Mame plus! ( I use alot)
Atari 2600 - stella (played three games)
Jaguar - project tempest (anything better than this? I cant get it to work and I would like to try out some games I ripped)
Commodore 64 - uhh... I really dont know. whenever I try to open that folder my computer lags and explorer crashes... theres a large abundance of files in this folder apparently
Amiga - WinUAE (surprisingly, I use this alot)
TG16 - HuGO! (used a few times, helps me determine what is good to buy on VC)
MSX - blue MSX (used a few times)
N64 - 1964 (used for all those online perfect dark matches)
Nintendo DS - no$gba 2.6a (the best, plays alot of games for me, current version requires small donation)
Game Boy Advance - VBA-M (this is a great little project. it's a merger of all the forks spewed from VBA)
Gamecube - Dolphin ( used a few times before I got a wii)
nes - FCE Ultra XD Sp ...or just FCEUXDSP (used alot)
snes - zsnes new wip build has some major code rewrites and is being switched to use the QT toolkit (my absolute favorite)
virtual boy - red dragon (used to try out half of the VB games)
Dreamcast - nulldc (need help on this one, I cant get any dreamcast emulator to work, but have gotten the furthest in this than any other)
Genesis/32x/sega cd/ master system/ game gear/ all the other 8-bit segas/ some milton bradley game? - kega fusion. amazing. (this could almost be my secpnd favorite. it actually is.)
saturn - SSF (ran the bios, played some games. woot)
neogeo - neopop ( used a few times)
PS1 - Psx (used alot)
ps2 - PCSX2 (used before my video card died, then I just bought a ps2)

yeah. im actually missing a few, so what?

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The 9th Sage
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Default Re: What's your favorite emulator(s)?

> No$GBA is a great DS Emulator it has fairly decent sound
> too.

Yeah, I know. With recent versions it even has a bunch of games that play full speed even on my computer.
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Default Re: What's your favorite emulator(s)?

> Hi


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