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Default Re: What's your favorite emulator(s)?

> All I know is that MAME does a poorer job of running full
> speed than other more specialised emus.

MAME aims for accuracy. That's why it can be a bit slower. See those new ultra-accurate NES emulators that require at least 1Ghz to run at full speed? Same thing. Sometimes you need to trade some speed to get more accuracy. Hacks can speed things up, but the MAME FAQ (part M16) puts it best:

"Hacks, while maybe appearing to be good in a short perspective, are always bad and destructive in the long perspective. The more hacks you put into the code, the harder it becomes to make new additions neatly as the hacks will require workaround hacks, so you'll end up on a downward slope of more and more crappy hacks, until everything collapses under its own weight.

It's like peeing in your pants in the winter to get warmer. It may work for a while, but it will quickly start to get really cold and there will be certain things that are no longer possible to do."

> 7MB is also ridiculously large for a binary.

Not for one that emulates all those different systems. I count 810 drivers in total.

> An emulator is an emulator and will be attached to illegal
> activities, no matter how much one tries to claim otherwise.
> I am willing to bet that more MAME users pirate ROMs than
> purchase them.

Wow, people who use emulators get ROMs illegally? I never knew that! The fact that half of my HD is crammed with illegally downloaded ROMs and ISOs never tipped me off!

Illegal is illegal, but it's less immoral if you wait for the manufacturers to stop selling products before you move in an emulate them. That's what MAME does.

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