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Default Good to be back

Well, after some time of inactivity it is good to be back. I have been backing up some old PSX games just in case I damage or misplace anything during my move into a new apartment. That seems to be the trend, my old systems don't like to be jolted around so much and they already have wear and tear. No matter how well I take care of them. Although, I have much hope the console will still work, I have taken good care of it. You never know though.

That aside... I really missed this forum. It is a great resource for a plethora of information. The broad range of topics help too. It's my one stop shop for emulation info, in particularly if I can't find information somewhere else.

Thanks for keeping this forum and site alive. I have enjoyed it for many years. I hope that there will be many more to come.

Okay, my crappy re-introduction is over. I am going to post something a bit more interesting now.

Happy gaming!
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Ah, hello. I didn't think I'd seen you for a while. :P I bet your PSX will be ok...that said, I do have a busted CD-i that I got from eBay that doesn't work since apparently the CD-i is a piece of crap from a durability standpoint and it didn't survive the shipping. I'm sure the PSX is more durable than this though.
Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.

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