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Default Starting with SMILE; editing Super Metroid

So, I've been poking around with SMILE to see how interested I am with performing a Super Metroid Hack.
But it came with absolutely no instructions. Does anyone have a link to a crash course on editing with SMILE?
I tried just laying down some tiles to start to craft the levels, but I somehow caused it to totally glitch up and make me fall through the geometry. So I figure, getting some instruction might be nice.

Also, I tried using the graphic editor, but I can't get it to do sh**!
The names for the addresses I can select lead me to believe that it only let's me edit the big graphics like the title and into cut-scene stuff, but not the actual level tiles and sprites. Can I only edit those with a separate program?

And might there be any better (or rather, more dedicated) place to look for help with this program?
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Yes, on IRC. irc.esper.net, channel #jzd
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