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Can anyone tell me where to find a tutorial for rom corruption, statistics and stuff?

In the The Definitive Guide to ROM Hacking for Complete Beginners , its said that there is one in the documents area, i cant find it.
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That's because the idiot that wrote The Definitive Guide to ROM Hacking for Complete Beginners had intended to finish writing Basic ROM Corruption prior to release of the FAQ. However, said idiot is a lazy fuck and five years later has thusfar failed to complete said document.

On a positive note, said idiot recently took up work on Basic ROM Corruption once again, going so far as to create a directory for it in his ROM Hacking directory and corrupt the Duck Tales ROM to the point of locating the data for one tile within the Amazon level and being able to manipulate said title. The idiot hopes that he'll have the document finished in the very near future, but can't make any promises.

And before anyone bitches about me flaming, I'm referring to myself.
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