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Default Genesis Plus GX 080716

Eke-eke has updated Genesis Plus GX, the Sega Genesis emulator for the Wii and Gamecube based on Charles MacDonald's Genesis Plus.

New changes include the following:

Genesis emulation changes:
  • adjusted (again) HINT timings: fix Double Dragon 2 (game freezed), hopefully does not break anything else
  • fixed broken EEPROM support for Codemaster games
  • modified input update timings: fix Dungeons & Dragons - Warriors of the Eternal Sun (thanks to Notaz)
  • added support for "Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy" hack (max. size supported is 10MBytes)
  • added (VERY) preliminar support for PICO roms (credits to Notaz for his documentation)
  • improved YM2612 emulation (credits to Nemesis for his tests on real hardware):
  • --implemented phase overflow emulation: improved fix for special music instrument used in Comix Zone, Flashback, Ariel, Shaq Fu...
  • --improved SSG-EG emulation in MAME core (also based on additional code from Alone Coder)
  • --improved Timers emulation accuracy
  • --improved Enveloppe Generator accuracy
  • --fixed Channel 3 CSM mode emulation
  • --implemented sample interpolation in MAME core to emulate the chip at original frequency (HQ YM2612 mode, from gens)

NGC/Wii implementation changes:
  • added automatic alphabetical filesorting (Marty Disibio)
  • added ROM History for faster ROM access (Marty Disibio)
  • fixed a silly input bug in "ROM Infos" & "Game Genie" menus
  • modified "Hard Reset" option
  • improved display sharpness in original rendering mode (H40 cell mode only), filtering is now completely disabled
  • enabled overscan emulation in "STRETCH" aspect mode also
  • added support for horizontal wiimote handling in Menu (automatically used when the wiimote is not pointed towards the screen)
  • improved Controller options:
  • --prevented keys reconfiguration if device is not detected
  • --added support for up to 8 players (ISS Pro Deluxe, ...)
  • --each player can be affected to a custom device (GAMECUBE Pad, WIIMOTE/NUNCHUK or CLASSIC)
  • --added the ability to use classic controller & wiimote pad from the same port separately
  • --modified "soft-reset" key on the Wiimote to avoid "accidental" resets (now press Buttons + & - simultaneously)
  • --added MODE button mapping: use "START+Z" on gamepad or "Button Minus" on wiimote/classic (not reconfigurable)
  • --added automatic configuration save for controller options

It can be downloaded from our Genesis Plus GX page.

Thanks goes to The 9th Sage for pointing out the update.
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Now if only they'd update the WINDOWS version with all that good stuff. >.<'
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