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Default I'll "Grapes of Wrath" you!!!

So listen here... I write a fairly decent report on the Grapes of Wrath... only problem is that I required a great deal of secondary support from published authors, and most of my report was disagreeing with the book and explaining my thoughts on a weak and desperate attempt for an attention grabbing ending. (If you don't know, the story doesn't really end... A pregnant girl in the story breast feeds a starving elderly man and it's over.) Hope I didn't ruin the Grapes of Wrath for you .

So... where do I get secondary support? Nowhere. All the authors that took the time to write about Steinbeck thought he was some sort of God. So where do I go to get secondary support? Ok this is where the little problem comes in.... I got it from a John Steinbeck message board where people actually had some negitives. I get the paper back with a "D" on it... and a little note saying, "This is the grade you WILL get when you redo this paper with real secondary support." And so, I asked her; "Where do I get this secondary support? It seems to me that every professional review, article, and essay doesn't even come close to where I'm coming from in this paper." Of course she replies with a bitchy, "It's not my problem. You have a week to turn this in completed." Now get this... even though I have to REDO this ENTIRE paper... I still get the same "D" for my original! And of course... I put it off until today... and that "next week" she's talking about is... tomorrow.

Looks like I'm in a bitchy hurry to get this finished. But first... I'm thinking some Punchout would do me good right now . Long night ahead of me... time that SHOULD be spent studying for my Japansese test tomorrow is wasted on this biches honors class.

Sure, she may be preparing us for college in shit. But I can say what I mean in my own words without the babble of some published asshole saying exactly the same thing as me.

So I may get in trouble for this, (what else is new), but I'm going to make some webpages and create some BS secondary support. Cheating? No way. Call it as you will, I already got an irreversible "D" on this paper. Therfor, unless I'm getting a new grade for a new paper... I'll do whatever the hell I want. . peace, Danoz

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