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The 9th Sage
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Originally Posted by symbolic X View Post
Lillymon: If you can, try to review the spam-bot messages and use word censoring or filtering. That's what I would do.
I don't understand...for what reason exactly? I don't think we can 'auto ban' based on vocabulary or some such thing (if that's what you mean), wouldn't feel safe doing that anyway since it'd be sure to get legitimate users eventually.
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I don't get it either. I've not seen a 'borderline' case yet, all of the bans I've handed out have been to clear spambots (or people doing a very good impression of a spambot, which is a bannable offence anyway), so I don't see any reason to leave the messages in place. All they'd do is take up space and distract people from real posts made by other members.

Just to show what I'm deleting, here are the four posts made by "efgh508":

Originally Posted by efgh508
Very cool article you got! I just added you to my bookmarks!Tags:X Y Z
Originally Posted by efgh508
I very muck enjoyed your great opinion hereTags:X Y Z
Originally Posted by efgh508
I'm definitely going to bookmark you!Tags:X Y Z
Originally Posted by efgh508
Hi! Thanks for the great advice. Tags:X Y Z
"X", "Y", and "Z" filling in for the same links each time. Would you rather I left this mindless advertising on the forum?
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You all are way too formal ... just my opinion coming from me :O !
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