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Master ZED
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Default Mortal Kombat 3 "Control a NOOB" hack v0.9 is out

I don't normally announce anything outside of my site and Mnrogar's Den, but I figure people here would be more interested in this than my usual visitors. Besides, it's Mortal Kombat 3. I'm not sure anyone cares about the MK series unless we're talking about MK2, but someone might. ^_^

This little hack of mine for the SNES version of MK3 makes Noob Saibot playable, selectable in 2-Player mode (enable Smoke first), and cancels the Vs. screen for Noob so you don't have to deal with garbage and freezeups. It also has a hack to allow both players to select Noob (normally, the middle slot only allows both players to highlight Smoke) and a 2-byte change that makes Noob appear at the title screen in place of Smoke (hence the unnecessary need to enable Smoke, I needed an excuse to make that change <img src=smilies/magbiggrin.gif>).

I might eliminate the need to use Smoke's code for Noob later... maybe. I like that intro though, so no guarantees.

On another note, the only thing missing in this hack is a character select pic fix for Noob. It's still garbage unfortunately, hence the 0.9 and not a 1.0. However, I'm only going to turn it pure black once I do figure out how the picture code works, so it's not like you're missing much, though it does look rather sloppy nonetheless (I really just wanted this hack out the door for the moment). :\

Anyway, if you actually want to play as the worst version of Noob Saibot to date, this patch is pretty much done otherwise (though I will fix the pic eventually once I figure out how). It also includes an anti-patch (so you can take it off later if you want) and assembly notes on all of the completed changes so far. The patch can be found in the Miscellaneous section of my site.

Yeah, I know, this isn't the MK2 boss hack of which I last spoke of here. I still don't know what I'm going to do about Kintaro and Kahn, but it will be finished eventually.

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Default Re: Mortal Kombat 3 "Control a NOOB" hack v0.9 is out

Well, I am glad that you did announce it here cause I was not aware of your website and asumed the MK2 hack would be released here, I always had a interest in playing MK3 Noob tho. From what I could tell he was a dark colored Kano, but I'll download the patch and see for myself.

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