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Default Strange overclocking issue

I'm able to get my nominally 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 up to 3.0 GHz without any instability or temperature problem (ran at 100% CPU for hours without breaking 66 C), but whenever I have it set to anything over 2.66 GHz the onboard sound refuses to work (Windows reports that the device "cannot be started"). The MB is an Asus P4PE2-X.
I'll be whining over at the Asus boards, too... or I would if the forum wasn't down.

2 seconds later I find that this is a known issue in the FAQ:
I guess I'll be getting a sound card if I expect to overclock significantly.

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Default Re: Strange overclocking issue

> I guess I'll be getting a sound card if I expect to
> overclock significantly.
> -hcs

I just got a Chaintech 6 (5.1) channel soundcard from newegg for $15.50 shipped. I needed it to use my new speakers, but it is quite awesome. I'm too lazy to give you a link, so you'll have to find it yourself. <img src=smilies/cwm11.gif>

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