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Default Re: What is god?

I'm not sure if the first few paragraphs of that post were actually meant in reply to me or not; they don't really seem to address what I was saying; instead they speak more broadly of Christian theology.

> God is merciful to his children. Would you forgive your
> child? You might say no off the bat, depending on what
> he/she does, but deep in your heart you would find the
> strength to forgive them...You know you would...
> For those of you with children of your own, you understand
> this. How could you not forgive something you created?

It's quite understandable that as a being of infinite mercy, God could forgive anything men do, and I never challenged that. My point was that I don't see how the death of an innocent (Jesus) is in any way relavent to that. Taking your familial analogy, it's like saying that a father was able to forgive his younger son for grave offenses, as a result of the fact that an older son, in order pay for the transgressions of his kid brother, let himself be beaten up by a local gang. If the father forgave the younger son, it would be because his love as a father moved him to mercy. It would have nothing to do with the older brother choosing to "take on the sins" of his younger brother, because that would make no sense whatsoever. Such a sacrifice would therefore be completely unnecessary.

Perhaps we're approaching a conversational impasse, because in the end, faith has to be exactly that: faith; and by its personal nature, it can't really be proven to one person by another; rather, it is something that ultimately has to come from within.

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