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Default Boxer v0.87

Boxer v0.87 has been released. What's new in this MacOS frontend to DOSbox, you ask? Read on and you'll see (grab a drink as this is a long one):
  • Interface refinements:
    • New DOS Games folders will be given a spiffy new shelf appearance in icon view mode. If you want this appearance for your existing DOS Games folder: move it to the trash, let Boxer recreate it, then move your games from the trash back into the new one.
    • If Boxer can’t find the DOS Games folder it will ask you for the location first instead of automatically recreating it. (Avoids problems after moving DOS Games to another volume.)
    • You can override the “Windows-only program” warning to run a program anyway. Boxer will remember and not nag you about that program next time. (Avoids a lot of false positives, especially on OS X 10.4.)
    • Completely rewrote DOS command messages into language that human beings can understand.
    • Added new keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshots and recording movies.
    Better game support:
    • Upgraded to DOSBox 0.73 for faster and more robust emulation.
    • Lots more compatibility fixes for installing and running finicky games.
    • More lenient permissions on folders created by DOS, to avoid problems when sharing gameboxes between different user profiles.
    Game installer improvements:
    • Hold down ⌥ while installing a game to get more control over the installation process.
    • Streamlined importing of games from Good Old Games and Steam.
    • Now offers to import a game’s installation files when installing from anywhere, not just from CD. (Fixes games that come in a simple folder but expect to have a CD-ROM drive.)
    • Game installer droplet now accepts disk images and audio CD volumes.
    • Warnings when trying to install Mac- or Windows-only games.
    General tidiness:
    • The DOS Utilities folder is no longer required or created, though existing copies will continue to function. Boxer now loads its utilities and drivers from inside the Boxer application.
    • Boxer’s default settings are now set internally instead of stored in the global DOSBox Preferences.conf. This has been replaced by Shared Preferences.conf, which is for your own personal settings.
    • Now fully Snow Leopard compatible.
    • Growl notifications now work on OS X 10.4 (note that you still need to install Growl yourself.)
    • Fixed failures resolving file paths on volumes whose name contains funky characteers (oh you wacky users.)
    • Game installer no longer tries to do silly things like packaging up your Desktop or Downloads folder.
    • Enough other little bugfixes to fill a sailboat.
As always, you can get this version straight from Boxer's website, or right at Zophar's Domain.

via EmuWiki.com
Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.


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