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Sigma X Virus
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Default Yet another FF6 modding attempt

I want to make a "revised edition" of FF6, that is, a text hack that changes some little things from the Woolsey version to leave it more in line with the other games (i. e. monster/spell names and some things that were a bit "off" after the localization). My problem is the following:

I need to edit the text from the menus and battle screens. Sadly, no FF6 editor changes this. Is ripping a script with a hex editor w/thingy table a good choice? I ripped a script already, and even though I can freely edit the text with Notepad I'm worried about space issues. What if my edits are heavier in size than the original ROM? Is it possible to have a longer script? Or should I learn the tedious art of hex editing every byte?

Also the same for the normal out of battle dialogue. I was planning on using Yousei's editor for that, but the bugs in that app are discouraging me. Besides, that app rejects any ROM already hacked, so I'm out of luck for dealing with an already modified ROM.

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