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Gideon Zhi
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Default Playstation Translation (Video) - Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden

This video shows off 1) TIM replacement, for the series titles in the demo sequence, 2) character names replacement and pointer editing for combat sequences, which are stored in a separate file in the ISO, and 3) the successful dynamic dumping and recompiling of the combat sequence quotes file. No spoilers are contained herein, as this video plays when you let the game sit idle at the title screen for about 30 seconds.

Featured in this video, in the order of appearance, is....

Mazinger Z (Kouji/Mazinger Z vs AI)
Gundam Wing (Heero/Wing Zero Custom vs Wufei/Shenlong)
Macross Plus (Isamu/YF-19 vs Guld/YF-21)
Raideen (Akira/Raideen vs AI)
Xabungle (Jiron vs Timp)
Getter Robo G (Ryou/Getter vs AI)
Zeta Gundam (Kamille/Zeta vs Jerid/Baund Doc)
ComBattler V (Hyouma/ComBattler vs AI)
Dancougar (Shinobu/Dancougar vs AI)
V Gundam (Usso/V2 Gundam vs Mariemaia Army Soldier)
Great Mazinger (Tetsuya/Great vs AI)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8qL9SLQMMYSee the video here!</a>

No release yet, unfortunately; there's a good four megs of text in the game, a sizeable chunk of which has not been translated yet. Chrissy, the project's translator, is beyond dedicated though, so it'll definitely get done eventually! This post is simply to try to bring the project a bit more into the public eye.

Super Robot Wars, for the uninitiated, is a strategy/RPG. It is somewhat similar in gameplay to Fire Emblem, Shining Force, or Advance Wars; you move your characters around on a square grid and have them attack each other. SRW's big selling point, however, is that it takes characters from a number of different anime series and throws them all together into the same world and plot. The usual claim is that "anime games suck", however Super Robot Wars has not only been around since 1991, but there are as many SRWs as there are Megaman titles - and with each new game, SRW has gotten steadily more refined. By the time the fifth title (SRW4 in this case) came around, the system and plots had begun to get quite a bit more refined; by Alpha Gaiden, featured in the above video, it has become world-class. SRW is one of the top five game series in Japan, rivalling the greats such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. It is -big- and it's a hell of a lot of fun.
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Kitsune Sniper
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Default Re: Playstation Translation (Video) - Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden

In case anyone's interested in the series, there's two versions of the game on the GBA. Released stateside: Original Generation 1 and 2.
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