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I have noticed for at least the
Langrisser release.. some bits of info need to be updated or taken care of..

first the artist is garbage characters...
wheres it should be "Noriyuki Iwadare",
according to a txt file I have from the original copy of L5 music files
I picked up back in 2012 from some where...
I have attached it for referecne...

anyway I am updating the tagging now and will post an updated archive in a few minutes...
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File Type: txt Langrisser 5.txt (1.1 KB, 172 views)
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and I changed the genre from SRPG to its better name "Tactical RPG"

for reference facts

I got a token error when trying to upload said improved L5 music archive..
so Dropbox it is..

Langrisser 5 tweaked/updated Archive

Langrisser 3 tweaked/updated Archive

Langrisser 3 & 4 NEED there Track/Titles as they currently have garbage characters......

and last but not least I came to grab Wild Arms 3...
BUT.. the source file ARE NOT psf2 X( and IS A HUGE ARCHIVE!!

these days I don't deal with MP3 format much either so psf2 for SP2 game music is it.. lol

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Old 09-18-2017, 09:40 AM   #4
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I updated the site with the files you sent in
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Originally Posted by Edman View Post
I updated the site with the files you sent in

If at some point I will look at my sound files collection and see about sharing some updated ones..

now that I think about it I did update the Earthbound files...
to better name the battles music names.. I may have even used names from your list...
or I found them some where else.. hmm... O_o

example... from to
"Battle 1" --> "Battle 1 (Weird Opponent)"

I will check and see if you have a already updated file before I submit it....
do u have an email for it or should I just send u a PM with attachment?

your Earthbound music files are already more verbose..

COPYRIGHT header...
the battle themes use the actual names idk... would u want to add as I described? combined names.

Battle 1 (Weird Opponent)
Battle 2 (Battle Against a Machine)
Battle 3 (Mobile Opponent)
Battle 4 (Battle Against Belch)
Battle 5 (Franky)
Battle 6 (Weak Opponent)
Battle 7 (Unsettling Opponent)
Battle 8 (Sanctuary Guardian)
Battle 9 (Kraken of the Sea)
Battle 10 (Otherworldly Foe)

idk if the battle # order is the best or correct.. but that is what I have...
plus your files have numbers so they are in order...

the composers listed seem to be off according to

on the Earthbound music files I have... only "Keiichi Suzuki" is listed as artist... O_o

Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka reprised their roles from Mother as composers for the game,
they are on your artist list... and these two joined them as assistant composers
and were joined by assistant composers Hiroshi Kanazu and Toshiyuki Ueno.
the ringtone file I have actually has ALL FOUR composers listed lol

but! your Earthbound music files have two other composers/artists BUT
they are not anywhere on the that music site.... hmm...

so this is the correct string if u wanna update your Earthbound files... or I could do it for you lol
Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka, Hiroshi Kanazu, Toshiyuki Ueno
I updated my music files with the completed Composer string..
and copied the COPYRIGHT string to my files...

for now..

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