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Default AppleWin v1.16.1 released

An update of AppleWin, the AppleII emulator for Windows, has been released. Here is what you can find in this new version:
  • Ctrl-F2 now functions as CONTROL-RESET (same as Ctrl-Break)
  • Video Mode now shown in Window Title
  • 50% Scan Lines (can use Shift+Ctrl+F9 to toggle)
  • Added: Checkbox for "50% Scan lines" in the configuration tab, next to video mode
  • Supported by PrintScreen and Shift-PrintScreen
  • Added command line "-noreg" to not register file extensions
  • Added support for up to 40 track (160KB) disk images
  • Symbols Length raised from 13 to 31
  • Pressing the Reboot button (F2) with breakpoints active, keeps the debugger running
  • symsrc is now relocatable, i.e. symsrc load "filename" [,offset]
  • Changes the address where debugger symbols are bound to by the offset (if specified)
  • Pressing Shift, Ctrl, or Alt, when viewing the current Apple output no longer kicks you back into the debugger. (Allows for Ctrl-Shift-F9, and Shift-F9 previewing.)
  • Fixed: Full screen drive LED status not showing up when floppy disks being accessed were set to read-only mode
  • Fixed FLASHing 'S' in AppleII+ mode!
  • Fixed flash rate for NTSC
  • Fixed maximum volume bug when doubling-clicking a .dsk image to execute with AppleWin
  • [Bug #14557] Loading serial port# from Registry (caused AppleWin to crash when booting Apple Pascal & other weird crashes)
  • [Bug #15394] Audio under-run (set process priority to Above Normal when in non-Full Speed mode)
You can get this from AppleWin's website, or right here on ZD.
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