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Default Media and big business

I am a little drunk but..................

Canada, US, we are a bunch of sheep.

Right now the cons want to cut business taxes. WhY? To make us competative. How does cutting taxes for the very companies that ship all the jobs to china to save money. How does that help the average person? Hell, cut my taxes. I pay a fortune. I make a very good wage and it is hard to afford bloody diapers. Go to Japan, where everything is expensive, and I find diapers and wipes half the cost.

Recovery? Lies and Statistics. Stop looking for a job because you cannot find one. Well you fall off the unemployed. Get a full time making min. wage in a fast food joint after making a good wage, well, guess what, your part of the recovery. Excellent!!! You added a job.

A holes. We all know, know matter the country (canada or the us), big business have all the politicians in their pockets. Media too.

Is the media right or left? Neither. The media is big business and represents the interest of multinational corporations. Hence, lots of news about the trials and tribulations of no name reality tv stars and washed up actors.

The difference between left and right wing media is how obvious they are for big business. They all represent the same thing, just minor variations on their corporate interests.

Regulation --bad, bad bad. To bad regulation would of prevent the economic collapse that the average person pays for. Oh well, better bail out the people responsible as they are responsible for all the campaign contrib.

It is just pathetic. And sad. I got to Japan and stay with my wifes family, a productive economy, and what i see is her parents with no time for themselves working long hours 6 days a week.

Excellent. Lets get productive.

Sorry. Probaly no one will read this, and i am drunk, but i just want to punch a politician, any politician right now. I am an equal opportunity puncher.

-----------------POOR TASTE ALERT -------------------------
YOu know what, lets start a new holiday. Beat a Politician day. ON this day, you get to beat the crap out of any politician you run into for all the lies they speak.

Just in case some nutcase is out there reading this, do not punch\beat a politician, you will go to jail. I do not condone this action. It is a drunken post
-----------------POOR TASTE ALERT -------------------------

Same day, the next month, beat a CEO day!! Than next month, beat a patent lawyer day...ect ect ect

What a stupid rant!!!!! Damn, I drank more than i thought. Oh well, looking at the posting dates here, no one will read this!

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Originally Posted by Goku View Post
YOu know what, lets start a new holiday. Beat a Politician day. ON this day, you get to beat the crap out of any politician you run into for all the lies they speak.
Can I have dibs on Gabrielle Giffords?
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Have at her.
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media... fuck them
I don't buy their shit and I got rid of my cable TV! I love independent stuff, as that is original. Fuck, I don't even pirate the shit they put out today. IT'S THAT BAD!
Soooo no money from me. No doubt they don't care about me right now because of all the sheep that do give them money, but I know I am not the only one that thinks like this.
Government? You are not getting a vote from me until I see that PATRIOT act GONE! In the US, your vote don't matter anyways, as it is a huge American Idol contest on TV (another shit reality show). Just like the media there are the sheep, BUT I am not the only one thinking this way.

It will all catch up to everyone sooner or later. I just hope I am out of sight up in the hills of the Russian tundra or a remote location of Africa when shit hits the fan. That's doubtful but would be nice to be independent living off the land!
The pipes never clangor.
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mushroom blue
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1) all governments of the worlds are corporations. for instance, CANADA is a corporation registered with the SEC in Washington D.C. (Registration number CIK#: 0000230098). The United States was originally the Virginia Company of London, because it was financed out of London.

2) President/Dictators are nothing more than CEO's of a corporation. Trust them as much as you'd trust the Walton family.

3) all corporations act under the rules of Uniform Commercial Code, as all commerce is international in nature (up to and including cooking your own food or putting your children to bed). UCC is effectively Fascism. if you are in court, you can only plead guilt; everything else is dishonor.

3) your SSN/SIN/EIN is evidence that you are an employee of a corporation. It is also evidence of an account with a subsidiary of the International Monetary Fund (In North America's case, that subsidiary is the Federal Reserve Bank). This account was established via the SS5 Trust, created shortly after your birth.

4) The United States (and therefore, all of north america) has been acting in bankruptcy since 1933 (House Joint Resolution 192 - June 5th, 1933). There has been no lawful money in North America after this date (backed by Gold and Silver Coin). All money is just IOU's now. more importantly, all bills can only be paid in lawful money (which no longer exists), and if you pay a bill with an IOU, the debt is never settled in commerce. Your only option under bankruptcy is to set-off or discharge a debt.

5) In the US, most Television, Radio, and Newspaper companies are owned by GE, Westinghouse, Disney, Viacom, and News Corporation. Associated Press is owned by the Rockefeller family. Reuters is owned by the Rothschild family. This means that all your news (including your limited exposure to international news) ultimately comes from the same handful of people.

6) all news agencies operating within the boundaries of Washington D.C. have been under the direct control of the Executive Branch since Lyndon Johnson.

7) The Second Great Depression started in January of 2001, just after Bush got into office. You didn't notice because the Stock Market was hitting record levels as the dollar was losing almost half of it's value. Bernanke did a great job hiding the M1 reports so nobody ever saw it. We haven't known the exact amount of Dollars in circulation since 2003, and we probably won't know for 70+ years.

8) Before Bush left office, he Assisted GM, Ford, and Daimler Chrysler in moving their production facilities to St. Petersburg, Russia. He then gave them a severance package (in the form of Bailouts) to help fund the transition. There is no automotive industry in the US anymore.

9) The only strong economy the United States has right now is the production of US Dollars. Bankers are the only gainfully-employed subset of the population.

10) our individual commercial dishonor is the source of the national debt. if more of us acted as sureties, and helped underwrite these corporations we have pledged our allegiance to, there would be no debt. I myself have underwritten at least $3 million in funds so far. I plan to spend at least $100 Billion by the end of my life.

11) the handful of people who report the news will never explain to you how or why you are responsible for the National Debt, and how to make it go away. you will only be told that you are indeed responsible.

11) Law, Banking, and Accounting should all be required classes in high school. we'd have a completely different world today if they were.

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