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the problem with it isn't the money but the shame and the never ending memory of that dudes dick in your mouth. If you are in that sort of thing, that's cool, but, for anyone else, they would have all their riches to remind them everyday that they sucked someone's dick for it all. Not a life goal to be proud of, or tell your kids/grandkids.
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Reaper man
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the question at that point is is your dignity worth 1 million dollars?
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Not worried about that. I'd have no shame in what I did. It was just business, let people talk all they want. I'd take my million, pay off my house, debts, etc and enjoy the rest of my life with my wife and kids. I'd be happy, fuck everyone else if they aren't.
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I notice that the people talking about "dignity" are ones who don't even have jobs. If it were an option, I'd suck dick for minimum wage rather than work another factory job.
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